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We at Accurate Container Services provide the best customer service towards the designing of development of your metal building, metal carport, metal shed, metal garage, metal panels, and storage container. Let our expertise assist with your project.
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After the design is created an estimate towards the project is given. You will then receive consultation and dicsuss the expected time frame for completion of the project and whether the schedule meets your needs. Our profesional services will also assist with possible financing of the project if needed. 100% financing is available!
Plans and Specifications
Once the design and estimation of the project have been discussed, you will be contacted regarding the scheduling and details of the project. The engineer will discuss details, such as delivery and storing of the materials and if there are potential weather concerns (rain, wind, hurricanes, ext.).
Customer Satisfaction
Our goal is to complete the project as agreed with your complete satisfaction. Having Accurate Container Services orginaize and provide you with quality construction will in return provide you both savings in cost and quality in service. Contact us today to help design and develop your project!

Residential & Commercial Metal Buildings, Carports, Garage, and Storage

Metal buildings and metal carports are the number one choice for consumers looking for dependable and affordable structures. Metal  buildings are commonly used for residential and commercial buildings because of their versatility and savings. Metal buildings are ideal for residential buildings or commercial buildings because of the multiple choices in designs, floor plans, models and more. Metal residential  buildings can be used as homes, cabins, tool sheds, pole barns, garages, storage sheds, and much more. Businesses often use metal  buildings for utility buildings, storage sheds, office buildings, aircraft hangers, or even stores. There are many different types of portable building options available for either consumers or businesses.  Using metal buildings has been a motivating factor for many who need quality construction at an affordable price.  The cost for a metal building is nearly nonexistent.  Contact us today to learn more.

Adaptableness to the location is another reason metal buildings are preferred by consumers and businesses that are wanting a less costly way to construct the building. Traditional buildings need level grading and require excavation projects that can be expensive. In addition, a prime location for this new project is needed along with the contractors and construction supplies. Metal buildings do not require as much preparation.

The stability that metal buildings provide is another reason consumers and businesses prefer metal buildings. At Accurate Container Services, we design and construct metal building that can handle weather that would possibly damage fully framed structures. This is because we make sure that the posts are properly embedded in the ground or attached to a foundation. In addition, metal buildings are not expected to collapse during fires or hurricanes.

Another reason metal buildings are preferred is for the versatility that metal buildings can be framed and are sturdy and affordable. Metal buildings can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or they can have a completely open floor plan at a lower cost. The poles used are to support the weight of the metal building and by having non-load bearing walls, which is reduces the  cost as well. This exclusive quality allows for a very large open space that provides for a wide variety of uses.

Metal buildings are also known as energy efficient. Metal buildings have fewer thermal breaks compared to conventional construction. Having a building with center posts eight feet or greater can be insulated more efficiently than certain stick frame. In addition, most metal buildings are constructed with recycled metal materials that not only make the energy efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Metal buildings are a great option whether you are interested in a simple structure or a more complex one. Many simple structures include metal buildings such as sheds, storage sheds, garage buildings, garden sheds, deer sheds, tool sheds, motorcycle sheds, and more. Perhaps you need a metal run in sheds or a horse barn. More complex metal buildings may include stores, modular homes, a portable building or portable office building, or pole barn houses. Whether you need simple metal sheds or more complex metal buildings, you are sure to be shocked by how affordable and readily available these structures are. Contact us at Accurate Container Services today and let us help you with your project. There is always a great selection to choose upon. Accurate Container Services also offers a wide variety of exteriors and accessories. Contact us today and learn how you could get up to 20 years limited warranty!


Accurate Container Services maintains a number of shipping containers available for purchase. Portable storage containers (aka cargo containers) are a great option for construction sites, sports teams, and anyone else looking for residential or commercial storage. If you are looking for a portable storage container that is considered secure and afforable, contact us at Accurate Container Services to find out more.


Accurate Container Services provides business for all of Louisiana Parishes and the East Counties of Mississippi (Tunica County, Coahoma County, Bolivar County, Washington County, Issaquena County, Warren County, Claiborne County, Jefferson County, Adams County, Wilkinson County)

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Accurate Container Services provides a multiple number of products that have a long tradition of excellence and value. Having over 18 years of experience, you can depend on a company that strives to exceed the expectations of our customers to surpass the standards of our industry.

  • Commercial Building
  • Religious Buildings
  • Industrial Building
  • Agricultural Building
  • Aviation Hanger
  • Institutional Building
  • Storage Building
  • Residential Building
  • Automotive Building
  • Recreational Building
  • Public Facility
  • Industrial / Warehouse
  • Trucking Industry
  • Horse Barn & Stall
  • Utility Building
  • RV Cover
  • Garage
  • Carport with Storage

Warranty option does not apply to all products. Contact us today at (225) 622-3399 to learn more.

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Metal Buildings
Metal building are structures that are are joined by welding, riveting, or bolting. With the high strength of steel, these structures are reliable and require less material than other types of structures. Metal structures are distinguished by the diversity of their shapes and by their architectural expressiveness.  

Metal Carports
Metal carports have always been considered an enhancement to either the home or business property. Metal carports have been used to store your either your car or truck and protect them against direct sun or weather coditions such as hail and falling branches. Metal carports are available in different sizes and designs and the prices are reasonable. As opposed to garages, carports can be lugged about.  

Metal Barns
Although wood barn systems are useful under certain circumstances, there is no comparison between them and the quality offered in our metal barn building designs. Our steel structures offer additional strength, performance, and flexibility for expansion and permanence. A metal barn building is a superior choice over a wood truss pole barn for the following reasons: Heavier exterior panels for strength, longevity and higher wind ratings; safer & offer cost savings on insurance rates; easier to construct with simple to understand drawings; provide increased interior clearances; provide long-term dependability with little or no maintenance needed; and have lower roof pitches, which offers long-term energy savings. 

Metal Garage Buildings
Nothing keeps your belongings safe and dry like an enclosed garage.  At Accurate Container Services, we can design several different sizes and help find one that will accommodate your needs. 

Metal Commercial Buildings
Accurate Container Services has years of experience helping customers with the design and construction of commercial metal building facilities that will attract consumers and increase revenue.

Metal Religious Buildings
At Accurate Container Services, we are strong endorsers of faith-based projects like metal church buildings.

Metal Industrial Buildings
With the providing of leading name metal building materials, Accurate Container Services values performance and ensures that the highest quality service is provided and materials is used in making our metal building structures.

Metal Agricultural Buildings
Agricultural buildings provide secure and protective housing for livestock and serve as storage buildings for agricultural productions, equipment, and machinery. At Accurate Container Services,  we design metal agricultural buildings to meet your unique agricultural needs

Metal Aviation Buildings
Accurate Container Services is ready to construct your aviation buildings whether it is for commercial use or personnel pleasure.

Metal Institutional Buildings
Accurate Container Services can provide your organization with affordable and well-organized Institutional Buildings built from the finest metals.

Metal Storage Buildings
There are several different kinds of storage needs that many businesses, homes, farms, industries, etc. have. We can design and provide you or your business with a storage building that can meet your needs. The storage buildings can be used for industries to store raw materials or finished goods for farmers to store their harvest.  You may even want to include a custom storage solution into the interior.

Metal Storage Containers
Metal storage containers are also known as cargo containers, steel conex boxes, cargo cans, intermodel container, freight container, ISO container, shipping container, hi-cube container, box, sea can, and PODS. A metal storage container is a standardized reusable steel box used for the safe, efficient, and secure storage and movement of materials and products within a global containerized intermodal freight transport system. "Intermodal" indicates that the container can be moved from one mode of transport to another (from ship, to rail, to truck) without unloading and reloading the contents of the container.

Metal Roofing
Metal roof, often referred to as a tin roof, is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles. The advantages include portability, durability, and the low cost. Other advantages include fire and spark resistant, hail resistant, and wind resistant. Metal roofing is labor efficient and requires little or no mainetenance.

Metal Panels
Metal Panels, which is used for roofing or walls, has may advontages including portability, durability, and the low cost. Other advantages include fire and spark resistant, hail resistant, and wind resistant. Metal roofing is labor efficient and requires little or no mainetenance. There are a number of different types of panels. Panels are often used on carports. Having extra side panels on carports gives your structure a more finished appearance and give carports near your home a better curb appeal and protection.

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